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Member workout tracking

  • krijali


    Good evening,

    I run a small CrossFit gym in Kyoto, Japan where the workout methodology is very new. This will pertain to the second part of this quandary. As of right now, I’ve set up WordPress, buddypress and bbpress to provide students with the ability to discuss, and for instructors to provide various how-to updates via the stream and forums.

    1) I’d like students to be able to log their workout results. And I would like this to be in fields that can be drawn on for statistical data.

    2) I’d like the instructor to be able to do the same thing on behalf of those students. Plus give the instructors the ability to comment on the workout specifically.

    3) I’d like to be able to track this data for individual students for counseling purposes.

    So, to do all of this, I’m assuming I need to make components (I got this from a search of this forum), but I don’t even know where to start for the above, so my question is that I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

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  • shanebp


    Yes, a custom component is the proper approach.
    The best approach is to look at the BP codebase to see how components are created and implemented.
    You will need good skills as a WP developer, at least.
    This task is large and custom, therefore it is beyond the scope of these forums.



    That answers my questions well! I was expecting as much but wanted to make sure I wasn’t reinventing the wheel. I’ve worked with WP for a long time now and this is a passion project so hopefully I can devote some time to educating myself and getting it done. Thank you!

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