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Memberblogs, roles, urls, theme settings?

  • Ok, there is not really a step by step in the docu and i don’t get it. I created a testmember and on his blog i have the default theme (not my own) and links like /member-name/activity that just show 404. The admin blog and everything works.

    Please somebody give me a step by step for a setup where:
    1. People register and have automaticaly her own blog and can’t create another one (Plugin: Limit Blogs per User 1.3)

    2. As they have just one blog, i want the blogs-link in the profile to show the blog of the user in /members/single/home.php (where normaly friends, groups, messages show up). So that the header, footer, sitebar and so on is everywhere the same (same template).

    3. Giving members no access to settings like widgets, templates and so on. I wannt them to just write blog entries and create categories for there blogs.

    4. What kind of role do i need to set for new registrations?

    My installation is in the subfolder ( (no subdomains)
    Would be nice if the links to the member blogs would be “” instand of “”.
    Better would be if “” would show the members profile….

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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