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Members and Blogs list not working

  • Everything seems to be working great with my BuddyPress install. Except the Member Directory and Blogs Directory. When you click on one of the letters the list doesn’t load. The loading gif shows up and just keeps spinning. Any suggestions?

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  • What revision 6d6? Works fine for me on rev 700. Did you check your error logs? Did you go to your blog admin as the Site Admin to force upgrade to db if it needs one?

    I installed 700 about about 30 minutes ago. I just forced the update and it’s still the same. I’m still using wordpress Mu 2.6.2. Could that be the problem?

    I doubt that is the issue since the plugin queries its own tables, not wpmu directly from what I can tell. Mine takes a few seconds to load if no blog exists under each letter, but then gives an error. There isn’t an error in your apache logs about it?

    Burt Adsit


    When I have problems with either the member or home themes the first thing I do is thrash around looking for the problem in code. It’s never the code lately. Lately it’s me. I was having *weird* home theme problems right after an update to bp.

    After awhile I realized I hadn’t moved the home and member themes out of /mu-plugins into the correct spots in themes and wp-content.

    I was running new core code on old theme code. Didn’t work well.

    The files are all in the correct locations. I’m on a shared hosting plan at godaddy so I’m pretty sure I don’t have access to the apache logs. I just installed everything again and i’m still running into the same problem. WordPress Mu is set up for sub-categories and not directories. Could that be the problem? I noticed, if you go to the demo site here, and load it under www it does the same thing? You can see my site at

    Andy in the last revision of SVN updated some things so it works better with subdirectories. I would suggest pulling the latest now and see how that works.


    O.K. So I got a static I.P. Set up wild-card domains to work with subdirectories, and i’m still having problems with the blog and members page. you can see it here.

    This is set up through go daddy. Does anyone else has buddypress set up on go daddy? My account is up on the 27th and if I can’t get it working i’m going elsewhere.

    Any suggestions?

    Burt Adsit



    Your site seems to be working other than you don’t have any members, groups, activity, or blog posts to see. Since I can’t login and can’t create a blog without logging in then there isn’t much else to tell you. You seem to have created a blog on a subdomain.

    If you click on a letter in the blog section it should show you that there are no blogs starting with that letter. Instead the loading gif just keeps spinning.

    Oh ya and I meant sub-domains not sub-directories.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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