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Members and Groups listings not displaying correctly

  • pieheartstudio



    I’m working on a site for a charity, it’s in development at the moment. I’m using buddybuilder pro with Elementor to create custom Buddypress pages for Groups and Members listings.

    On these listings pages, each member/group should be displayed in lists of 3 columns with space in between. Occasionally it will display properly, but most of the time it ignores my settings and displays all the members/groups squashed up together with no space in between.

    I’m using buddypress version 11.1.0, and WordPress 6.1.1

    Elementor Hello theme is installed, and the problem persists when I switch to one of the WordPress default themes.

    I’ve disabled all plugins one by one except for the necessary ones (Elementor, BuddyPress, Buddybuilder) and the problem persists.

    This is a link to the ‘members’ page – usually only logged in members would be able to see the members list but I’ve enabled guests to be able to see it for testing:

    If anyone has any insights I’d be very grateful… I just can’t figure out what’s causing the display issues!

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