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Members and members admin css

  • 4thofficial


    I think this might be a very basic question. I’m half way through re-styling the default BP theme and I’m having trouble locating what base.css or style.css files control the members and members admin styling. Some of my changes from the base.css in the bpmember folder have come through, but not all … especially in the members admin pages. I’m concerned that my recent upgrade to 1.1 might not have gone as smooth as I thought … I moved my BP theme directories to the new location etc. Be grateful if anyone has any suggestions.

    The main site url:


    Members Admin:

    Thank you

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  • Kevin Pine


    There are two sets of files you need to work with… One for the home page and main blog and another for the member/group/admin pages.

    The home theme is found here: /wordpress-mu/wp-content/themes/bphome

    The member theme is here: /wordpress-mu/wp-content/bp-themes/bpmember

    If you don’t have a member theme in the above location, upload it there. The bpmember base.css is similar and you will have to make most of your CSS tweaks to both. v1.1 uses only one theme for both. More info:



    If you use Firefox you can get firebug a useful plugin for these situation. It can tell you what it’s calling and where it’s located.



    Kevin / Gerikg – Thanks so much for the response … but I fear I’m still in trouble :(. Theres definitely something screwed up with how I have the folders structured. I’ve tacken a screenshot of the directory structure here: (bphome and bpmember) are in wp-content/themes.

    You can click around on Right now the the main BP homepage and blog are showing up, but the members, groups and blogs are giving me an error (You do not have any BuddyPress themes installed. Please move “/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/” to “/wp-content/bp-themes/” and refresh this page. You can download more themes here.).

    I’ve done that (bphome and bpmember in a ‘bp-themes’ directory in themes) and the entire site gets a white page. In the widgets area I’m told I’m using BuddyPress 1.0.3. I’ve had a base level of success by putting ‘bphome’ into ‘themes’ and ‘bp-themes’ (includes bpmember) into wp-content and the everything shows up, but the CSS styles in members, groups and blogs gets completely lost. Really appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks

    Paul Gibbs


    If you are using 1.1-beta, and intend to use a theme in the new format, delete /wp-content/bp-themes.

    The two BP theme folders should be in /wp-content/themes/.

    Kevin Pine


    Just move bpmember to /wp-content/bp-themes/bpmember.

    bphome stays in the themes folder.

    From the screenshot it looks as though you have renamed “bp-themes” to “-bp-themes” so you will need to fix that.



    Thanks DJPaul and Kevin for the quick response. I can’t thank you enough as I know you’re busy men …

    Heres what I’ve done:

    — Moved bp-themes into wp-content/themes/bp-themes

    — Placed bphome and bpmember into bp-themes

    — Deleted the directory bp-themes from wp-content

    Now the entire site is a blank page ( The only thing I can think of is that I’m not using the correct version of Buddypress. In the BuddyPress readme.txt it says I’m using: Stable tag: 1.0.3 … should that be 1.1??

    Thanks again

    Not quite right i’m afraid:

    BP 1.0.3 was in /wp-content/bp-themes/bphome & bpmember

    BP 1.1 is /wp-content/themes/bp-sn-parent/ & bp-default

    (this is assuming you are using the default themes of each version)

    I’d suggest you forget about your custom theme at the moment until you get a stock BP 1.1 install working.

    Kevin Pine


    The problem is where you are placing the theme folders. Can you just try this?

    The home theme here: /wp-content/themes/bphome

    The member theme here: /wp-content/bp-themes/bpmember

    Like DJPaul said, just use the stock themes until you can get the site to display properly. v.1.1 is still just a release candidate though and not recommended for production.



    DJPaul and Kevin to the rescue. Gents you rock. Followed your instructions and ended up having to install 2 new none edited themes and its working perfectly. Thanks again for your patience.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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