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members feature with a relationship 1:n

  • _natty_


    Hi to all,
    I need to deploy a very simple problem seen by programming point, but I’ve no idea to how works with that in wp & buddypress!
    Can any one please suggest to me the right direction!

    First I’d like to say that we don’t need the status update and the activity stream.

    Members need to have a relationship with another table (or some other structure already present in buddypress members) with a 1:n relationship.
    Any members can have N “ideas” (the possible name of the table with a title-a text description field – an external key to identify wich user generate it) to share with the others users.

    So in my mind there are 2 possible solution:
    A) -build up a new table in db and using it (how?) – exposing the “ideas” like the rest of the profile field or in a appropriate page

    B) -replacing the activity stream with the “ideas” stream and adding a title for each new status (is it possible to alter the wp activity table?) – and showing it as stream I

    I’ve been looking for some plugin but nothing seems to helps me, and in codex buddypress/wp blog i didn’t find anything about adding some items to memebers in external relationship.
    thanks for any help!

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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