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Members list incorrectly saying “Sorry, no members found”

  • Mark Argent


    I’m working on a site with a custom theme. The members’ list says “All members 0” and lists no members, and, below the search box “Sorry, no members found”. What do I need to do to show the actual members?


    I’ve copied wp-content/plugins/bp-templates/bp-nouveau/buddypress to wp-content/themes/my-custom-theme/buddypress. I’ve added links to discussion boards, groups and a members list to the menu and populated the site with members data by using the Buddypress Detault Data plugin (and added a few extra users, and logged in as them).

    If I insert the contents of buddypress/members/members-loop.php into the custom theme’s index.php, then the index.php shows me a listing of members (showing when the database says when they were last active). I am wondering if this means I need to set a path somewhere.

    I am seeing the same behaviour if I use the “twenty seventeen” “twenty twenty” and “twenty twentyone” themes. This is using WordPress 5.6 and Buddypress 7.1.0. I can’t provide a URL as it’s currently a development version on my NetBSD (unix) laptop.

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