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Members Loop with ACF Parameter

  • zaino


    bp version: latest
    wp version: latest
    site: local

    I am attempting to use an Advanced Custom Field as a parameter on my BP Members loop and I can’t quite get it right.

    The ACF is ‘new_user’, value= true/false, used as a User meta field for administration purposes. To be clear, this is not an xprofile field.

    I am creating a simple admin dashboard where I can display my normal BP Members Loop, but filtered by users who have a true value for the ACF ‘new_user’.

    How exactly do I add the parameter to the following so that my member’s loop only displays users with a value of true for this ACF?

    I have been trying variations on this, and I simply get all users:

    <!– start loop –>
    <?php if ( bp_has_members(‘new_user’) ) : ?>
    <?php endif; ?>
    <?php while ( bp_members() ) : bp_the_member(); ?>
    … <?php endwhile; ?>
    <!– end loop –>

    I have read the codex, so I am looking for an actual example. Thanks!

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  • shanebp


    Please use the code button when posting code.

    Did you read the codex page re the members loop?

    You cannot add custom parameters to the loop.
    You can write a custom query to gather all the member ids that fit your criteria and then pass those ids into the include parameter of the members loop.



    I have tried this from the codex and it works great for xprofile fields, however I do not know how to modify it for ACF fields. There is a whole block of code in there specific to xprofile fields and I have tried various modifications, none working. Would love to get some concrete guidance. Thanks.

    function my_custom_ids( $field_name, $field_value = '' ) {
      if ( empty( $field_name ) )
        return '';
      global $wpdb;
      $field_id = xprofile_get_field_id_from_name( $field_name ); 
      if ( !empty( $field_id ) ) 
        $query = "SELECT user_id FROM " . $wpdb->prefix . "bp_xprofile_data WHERE field_id = " . $field_id;
       return '';
      if ( $field_value != '' ) 
        $query .= " AND value LIKE '%" . $field_value . "%'";
          LIKE is slow. If you're sure the value has not been serialized, you can do this:
          $query .= " AND value = '" . $field_value . "'";
      $custom_ids = $wpdb->get_col( $query );
      if ( !empty( $custom_ids ) ) {
        // convert the array to a csv string
        $custom_ids_str = 'include=' . implode(",", $custom_ids);
        return $custom_ids_str;
       return '';



    Please ask questions about ACF on their support forum.
    They may have functions that will return the data that you need.
    If not, they can tell you how to write a custom query for their data.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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