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Members Page or theme not working??

  • I would love to make a donation to anyone who can help me get this thing working:)

    I have buddy press installed with MU and everything is working great with the acception of when logged in I can not go to any of the members pages, profile, or anything to do with the members theme? I have tried deactivating my custom theme, activating the basic home theme with no plugins activated to see if it was that and still nothing? I am close but am not sure why the “My Account” functions are not working? Please some one help, just let me know what information you need.

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  • gogoplata


    You may need to install WPMU and BuddyPress in the root, not in a directory.


    Can’t i just have some code changed that would tell it to look in the directory instead of the root? I have to have a flash intro so that was the purpose in putting it in a directory.

    I figured it out:) I did not take the buddypress-member them out of the sub folder. Also just so everyone knows I have buddpress running from a sub directory and not the root with no problems so far after figuring this out. I am also using a modified theme from Woo themes with it.



    Glad to hear you figured it out. Root install was a requirement early on, but I couldn’t find if it was anymore or not.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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