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[Resolved] Members page pagination broken

  • miguelcortereal


    Clicking at page 2 from members page it returns “Sorry, no members found”, instead of listing its members.

    The HTML looks be fine “/members/?upage=2” because if I open page#2 in a new tab it dispalays exactly what it should display.

    It looks to be a Jquery issue, most likely for an outdated theme that I’m using.

    Could any of the experts point me into some direction to tackle this issue, such as what to look for and fix?

    P.S. – Its useless to go find help on theme’s author he’s not there anymore.
    P.S.S. – Its in my plans to replace the theme but unfortunately it can’t be done now. So I’m looking for a temporary fix, even if it implies to hack the theme.

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  • Henry Wright


    What theme is it that you’re using?

    There’s a couple of things you could look into.

    Firstly, how does the markup of your theme’s members page differ from that of the template file provided by BP (in bp-legacy)?

    Secondly, take a look at your theme’s JavaScript files (if it has any) to see if there’s anything that might conflict with BP’s JavaScript



    Thanks Henry for your quick response.

    I’m using Suffusion theme.

    I’m not using template pack conpatibility provided that since BP 1.7 it just became unecessary. However I’m using in child theme /buddypress/members/members-loop.php which I’ve copied from BP-legacy and customized to have a different layout and display xprofile fields information.

    I removed this file to force the use of the original BP markup and the problem remains.

    So it’s Ajax related.

    I’ll try to check theme’s and BP’s Javascript files.

    Henry Wright


    It’s definitely AJAX-related because as you mentioned earlier, visiting /members/?upage=2 works fine. I think the way to pin-point the problem now that you can be sure the template isn’t the issue is focus your investigations on any customisation you’ve made elsewhere. Specifically, any JavaScript you’ve introduced (either in your theme or via a plugin perhaps?).



    Working now!

    There’s nothing wrong with the theme suffusion, any plugin or Buddypress.

    All I had to do was perform a browser’s cache cleaning.

    Certainly there was an outdated jquery version loaded on my browser’s cache.

    Thanks a lot Henry for your concern.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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