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Members Page won’t load with ajax

  • lynnapp


    Hi, I have a site with no functions. the only plugin activated is buddy press,

    so when it loads the object for the nav after the bp-wrap div it has

    <nav class=”main-navs no-ajax bp-navs single-screen-navs horizontal users-nav” id=”object-nav” role=”navigation” aria-label=”Member menu”>

    I had the site with custom themes and functions and removed everything to try and find out where it was getting hung up.

    Is there something else I can trouble shoot this with to find out why it does not load with Ajax – I thought that should be the default

    WP is 5.6
    Theme twenty twenty-one 1.1
    php 7.4
    Buddy Press info Version 7.1.0
    Active components Community Members, Extended Profiles, Account Settings, Friend Connections, Private Messaging, Activity Streams, Notifications, User Groups
    Active template pack BuddyPress Nouveau 7.1.0 ( I have tried with bp legacy also )
    Toolbar No
    Account Deletion Yes
    Community Members: Profile Photo Uploads Yes
    Community Members: Cover Image Uploads Yes
    Extended Profiles: Profile Syncing Yes
    User Groups: Group Creation Yes
    User Groups: Group Photo Uploads Yes
    User Groups: Group Cover Image Uploads Yes
    Activity Streams: Post Comments Yes
    Activity Streams: Activity auto-refresh Yes

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  • lynnapp


    Does anybody have any ideas where I should look or what to search for, Please.

    I have now tired it with the BuddyX theme and still no ajax on members profile page



    @lynnapp check inside browser console log if you are getting errors inside it. To isolate server specific issue, you can set up a test site at quickly and it’s free



    So this happen on the profile pages, and on multiple servers and multiple sites. For my site I have no error messages I think that buddypress still does not load the profile page with ajax. So when you click a link like settings it does not take you back to the top of the page.

    I have added this to an ensued js file so it adds a hash tag to a div id that already existed to all the profile menu items.

            $(this).prop('href', $(this).prop('href')+'#item-header-content');

    I hope this helps someone else.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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