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Members’ privacy: how can I hide members’ profiles?

  • George


    Hi everybody
    I am thinking of creating a social network in which members (and their profiles as well) will be visible
    ONLY to other members who are already logged in, like in Facebook or Linked-In.
    I don’t want visitors to bump into my website and see a list of members.

    I know that there have been talks of introducing plug-ins that would address this problem, but it seems that no such plug-ins have yet materialized.

    So, can anyone suggest me how to modify the relevant BP code or any other action that can help me solve this problem?

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  • we had a ding dong on fb, dudes an ass lol

    he posted his page on my page so i thought ok, new guy, bit niave but enthusiastic, anyway i asked him where hes from, the midlands he replied, so i suggested he try creating a page for his part of the country as there was a niche in the market for this area. he then came back and spammed the heck outta my page??

    i reminded him that my page was for Londoners, he then went and created a page for Londoners and came back to hit my page again ? some people lol

    anyway hes gone on to create a rather nifty wp/bp site and i gotta admit its doing really well. I’m green with envy lol, he must know code pretty well, either that or he knows wp/bp inside out?

    I’d swallow my pride and ask but my site got heavily spammed a few times and each attack slapped of his trademark so let sleeping dogs lie as they say !



    wont get into that argument lol. does look well designed. custom theme me thinks



    I never asked before. What do you mean slapped off his trademark?

    the finger of suspicion

    anyway, moving on from this

    I cant post a new topic on here so this is the only place i can start a new topic

    does anyone know why my site has decided to shift to the left, and this ‘random’ drop down menu has
    appeared from outta no where in the top right hand side of the page..?

    It’s making the site look dumb, also when logged in if I click on a members name I get logged outta the site but if I click their profile pic it goes to their profile..?

    sorry about the topic change but has got the flu or something lol


Viewing 5 replies - 26 through 30 (of 30 total)
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