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Members profile, and your own profile looks exactly the same

  • Carsten Lund


    One thing you could oppose to the default BuddyPress design is the way members profile, and your own profile looks exactly the same. If you do not use BuddyPress login in a sidebar, you can’t distinguish the logged in member, or a members profile visited.
    A clear indication of who is who would be preferable, like if the logged in users profile was always on top of the page in a miniature edition without cover image.


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  • While I can see what you mean this is something that’s more tied to good website design. Most themes with a BuddyPress focus tend to include an icon in the navigation when they are logged in when you are logged out why would you be looking at your profile?

    Here is what my new work in progress looks like in the main navigation with an icon of the user when they are logged in.

    Carsten Lund


    Hi there, thanks for your respond. The reason why I want to see my profile, is more a matter of having BP components like messages and notifications visible at all times, without adding them to the theme menu.

    Another strange ting is BP’s redirection to the activity page, when activity component is active. Why does BP not allow users decide which page should be the landing page, when viewing own, and others profile?
    And why do I need to install a third part plugin to have my profile as landing page after login?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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