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[Resolved] members profiles and blogs pages 404

  • islandcastaway



    I have been out of the BuddyPress dev loop for a year or 2 now and just doing the updates and thought all was good.

    I was using in bp-custom:
    define( ‘BP_MEMBERS_SLUG’, ‘clients’ );
    define ( ‘BP_BLOGS_SLUG’, ‘sites’ );
    define( ‘BP_DEFAULT_COMPONENT’, ‘sites’ );

    Today I noticed that /clients/persons-name and /sites get a 404

    /clients works but the persons profile link gets a 404

    /sites gets a 404

    If I comment out the “define”s I still get 404’s
    /members works but the persons profile link gets a 404
    /blogs gets a 404

    I also renamed /members and /blogs in my theme directory, still 404s

    Any tips on where I can start to troubleshoot this?

    I have been using BuddyPress since its inception and know alot of database things have changed. Does something maybe need to be purged in my database? I remember years ago I had to delete x_profile stuff or something like that when that change happened.

    I have no idea when the members profiles and blogs page stopped working because I just use these for myself.

    I really wish I could go over to BuddyCamp this weekend but can’t(I was at the first WordCamp/BarCamp and the next 3 WordCamps)

    Cheerz to Boone and John, BuddyPress rocks!

    WordPress 3.9.1
    BuddyPress 2.0.1

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  • islandcastaway


    ps- this is a multisite install



    @islandcastaway – I have no idea if this will solve your issue, but I had a similar issue after some updates… I think it was an issue with bp-media update that caused it.. but the fix was to go to permalinks and change them to something else, save, then change permalinks back to how I had them.. hope that helps.



    Thanx for the reply. I already tried that and it didn’t work 🙁



    Still looking for any ideas..

    Why would /members work and show the list of users, but the actual users profile link not?




    Ok, after a day of troubleshooting I figured it out. (jump to the end for the stupid answer)

    Changing themes did not fix it, but it did open up a whole new can of worms because I was using a custom child theme running off of the bp-default theme. I see that I will have to totally redo my theme because of the changing BuddyPress structure.

    I rolled my database back to 4/29/2013 wordpress 3.6 era (3.9 files tho)

    deactivated BuddyPress
    Installed BuddyPress 1.7
    reactivated BuddyPress
    buddypress 1.7 works

    Did the same for 1.8 – 1.9. They all worked.
    I did notice that the title for the “members” list was “directory”, not members.
    I also noticed that in the plugins list throughout the updates it always said “There is a new version of BuddyPress available. View version 1.7 details”, even after 1.9

    Did the same steps for 2.0, still working.
    The “members list” page title was now “members” instead of “directory”.

    Did the same steps for 2.01, still working.

    The entire time I never hit upgrade network. When I did, I got an error saying no connection to sites, my dev box has all of the addresses hard coded in the hosts files and the site did pull up, just got the network update errors.

    Tried deactivating domain mapping, still errors.

    Updated the database with a current backup and BuddyPress was broke again.

    Tried the permalink switch again. Never noticed “BuddyPress is almost ready. You must update your permalink structure to something other than the default for it to work.” before.

    Went through each of the permalink options and still no go.

    Deactivated all plugins except BuddyPress, still no go.

    Rolled back the data base to 4/29/2013 and exported the wp_options table

    Imported the 3.6 era options into the 3.9.1 database.

    Tit worx.

    Got a “Fast Secure Contact Form has imported settings from the old version.”

    “Site Tracking Directory” is the “blogs” list page title

    So I manually flushed the rewrites table in wp_options, no go.
    Manually deleted _transient rows, no go

    Compared the bp-options rows in wp_options in the old and new databases.
    “blogs” was missing from “bp-active-components” in the newer database:


    Pasted that into the newer database and BINGO!

    Went to the BuddyPress component admin page and no blogs setting, but toggling on/off “Site Tracking” was they key.

    One friggin checkbox.

    How the ### does “Site Tracking – Record activity for new sites, posts, and comments across your network.” translate into disabling “members profile pages” and the “blogs list”?

    That seriously need to have a better description.

    So mission accomplished.


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