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members visibility

  • lukinods


    hi guys,

    i wonder if there’s any way to make the new members widget from buddypress show only the new members instead of all of them, i couldn’t find that on the plugin configuration page, and also show only the members that have been active only a week or less. Is this possible?

    I appreciate the help already!

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  • lukinods


    i am sorry guys, i mistyped,
    what i really want is the plugin to show all the users i have signed up in the wordpress, even if they have never logged. it is currently showing only the active members as new members..
    summin up: i want the widget to show all the users in the system.

    : i coudn’t edit the post above so i had to submit this new one..

    Thanks !

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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