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members/forums/groups.. don’t work

  • hi
    wp301 bp126
    when i solve 1 problem, another problem comes in, instead, amazing.

    now the blog itself seems to work ok but when i click on members/groups/forums etc in the menu i get error 404.

    same with permalinks: now im using the default /p=? and it works but buddypress tells me to change it to something “prettier” so if i change to /%categoryname%/%postname%/ i get 404 error.

    all the above is without .htaccess file. ONLY i change the permalinks, it tells me to put a certain .htaccess file but if i do, i get internal error 500

    please advice

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  • am i really asking for too much?
    please explain me what am i doing wrong that my questions get almost no replies



    You need a .htaccess to perform the internal rewrites, basically transforms the permalinks behind the scenes. What permissions are you running on your htaccess file? Also ensure your apache config is setup to look for/use htaccess.

    i dont have access to the apache config file and my site admin surely won’t be happy to give me access to it :)
    so the internal error 500 is because of the apache access to htaccess file was removed?

    @emailaya While we will always try to help out you have to bear in mind that this is volunteer unpaid support geared towards BP issues.

    In respect of lack of replies this thread is barely 24 hours old , it’s the weekend and sane people are taking a break from the stresses of coding.

    Another factor is that you issues are not unique and are asked many times over this means to some extent that there are many threads to be found and glanced over to see if they help. seeking help on support forums is very much a pro active exercise and it helps enormously if the OP is seen to be seeking some answers from threads and /or feeding the thread with pertinent info if things have been tried.

    To some degree this issue is not really one of BP’s making it sounds as though you are not able to correctly write to the .htaccess file, so questions arise that need to be investigated such as are you running Apache or IIS servers ? If Apache, is mod_rewrite enabled?

    Internal server error 500’s tend to mean an incorrect syntax usage in the .htaccess file and it is unforgiving of errors in the file. You mention uploading? an .htaccess file, what was in it? but later ask if the 500 error was due to apache access being removed, that is slightly confusing and contradictory but no you wouldn’t get an error if apache couldn’t access the file just simply that nothing would happen, unless your web host has some odd configs at work.

    You may well need to contact your tech support and ask them some of the questions here and perhaps explain that the server/group needs write access to the .htaccess file otherwise you will need to copy and paste the entries yourself and upload, when you try and change permalinks if it can’t write to the file it will display what it needed to write so that you may copy it manually.



    Test this :

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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