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Membership form comments disappear.

  • webmasterfreya


    WP 5.3
    Buddypress 5.0.0
    BP Legacy

    I think since the update to bp 5.0.0 the comments (group-request-membership-comments) when requesting a group membership are disappearing. The added text cannot be found in the database tables, and there are no sql errors. It simply isn’t stored anymore (it used to be in the comments column of bp_groups_members).

    Does anyone has the same problem?

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  • webmasterfreya


    Nobody ?

    In older versions of buddypress i found in the bp-group-functions.php in function groups_send_membership_request this statement :

    $requesting_user->comments = isset( $_POST['group-request-membership-comments'] ) ? $_POST['group-request-membership-comments'] : '';

    which makes sense as the posting variable (group-request-membership-comments) should be handled to end up in the table bp_groups_members.

    In the version 5.0.0 such a statement is not found (not by me that is), so this could explain the disappearing comments from the group membership request page.

    Any help would be appreciated.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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