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  • barrowr


    I’ve limited experience of BP so I’m looking for a little advice of whether the below is achievable working together with a membership plugin:

    Member type 1 subscribes and uploads details of their business’ services, location, plus images and dates of events etc. This type of membership would be free.

    Member type 2 subscribes and uploads their personal details, images, profile etc. This type of membership is paid for. On receipt of payment they are given full access to Member type 1’s details and the facility to contact them directly.

    I would like for member type 1 to input the details of an event but if that event has been fully booked be able to show it as greyed out or a notice saying booked and no further bookings can be made.

    What I also need is the ability for the site to show member type 1 and 2’s details but a user not to be able to contact them until a subscription has been paid and they become a member type 2.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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