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Memberships And Taking Payment

  • mattadin


    Hi all,

    Apologies if the questions I am about to ask have been answered in previous discussions, but I could not find anything through the support forums or over the web that did so.

    I am wanting to create a social network, that is only visible to members that have payed. There will be only one membership option to begin with, requiring payment monthly to maintain membership.
    1. Is this easily done with BuddyPress? I have a reasonable understanding of CSS and html having built customized websites through other platforms.
    2. What is/are the best options/plugins for restricting content and forcing payment? I intend on allowing selected people to join without payment in the early stages. Can the plugin(s) handle this? (I have read a fair bit as of late about Paid Memberships-Pro. Is this the better plugin to meet my needs?)

    Thanks in advance for any help!



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  • kendude


    I am just now setting up a site and will want to have a paid members area or certain features you get when paying, what did you end up doing for your site?




    I ended up using Paid Membership Pro and BuddyPress. However, if you’re only semi-passionate about your idea, or don’t have much time to build your site, I would reconsider your attempt. A very basic site without much customization would be relatively simple, but to build anything that is appealing at the front end and provides a simple user experience is far from it. In addition to the two plugins above, I’ve had to add BP Redirect To Profile, Theme My Login, Disable User Login, Remove Dashboard Access, Restrict User Access, SiteOrigin CSS, SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle and WP Maintenance Mode just to name a few.

    Then there is getting all plugins to operate happily with each other, which for me has included communicating with WP support to re-establish my sites VaultPress connection, believed to have been broken by PMPro, preventing the traditional BP/WP Login which would allow members to join without paying and much more.

    I don’t want to deter you from trying, but if you’re still relatively new to WP and coding, you’ll need to be prepared to invest A LOT of hours.

    Peter Hardy-vanDoorn


    I can recommend the WooCommerce WooMembers bundle – allows you to limit access to the site and take monthly subscription payments:

    It mostly works with BuddyPress (in that you can limit access to most pages and bbPress forum posts) but they do have work to do to make it fully protect a BP install, but it is on their radar.

    Hope that helps

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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