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@mentions is confusing to members

  • is there a plug-in that will basically remove all the @mention stuff, this is actually very confusing to members of a site. I would rather just mimic facebook/wall functionality and not have my users have to learn 2 social communities interfaces/semantics.

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  • as in the autolinking and email notification during an activity update? You’ll need to remove all the filter hooks and the subnav for the mentions tab.

    bunch of filters on bp_activity_at_name_filter, bp_activity_at_message_notification, groups_at_message_notification

    bp_core_remove_subnav_item($bp->activity->slug, ‘mentions’)

    (though i’m not if someone has created a plugin for it)



    I think he still wants the ability to tag people in posts, just not have to use the @username method. Basically a more semantic method… which is kind of like asking for the moon. I think it can be done, it’d just be a huge pain to code.

    Basically I just want to be able to remove/hide the @mentions stuff so it doesn’t confuse my users. Maybe an option or a plug-in that turns this feature on/off. I just want to be able to mimic the public profile of facebook with “Wall, Profile, Pictures” etc…..Around 90% of my questions and complaints are stemming from the lack of understanding of the @mentions and the unwillingness of my community members to learn it. This feature is taking up to much of my time trying to train and educate them on this via support emails ect, so I would just like to be able to just turn it off if possible, yet I don’t want to mess with the core.

    Btw….I personally understand and like the @mentions…’s just a huge training issue for me at this time until it’s been baked more.

    Any suggestions?

    what i posted above – just remove the subnav on the activity component and all the filters so it doesn’t autolink and kick off emails.

    k…thanks…will try

    Roger Coathup


    @rgauny – same issue as you. Client finds @mentions confusing and wants them removed.

    Did you work out a solution? Did the suggestions from @nuprn1 do the job?



    @rgauny + @rogercoathup:

    Like Rich said, @mentions- are basically a filter and a nav item.
    It should be possible to remove the filter and the nav item by doing the following:

    1) Removing the filter

    Add the following to your theme’s functions.php:

    // removes @mention links in updates, forum posts, etc.
    remove_filter( ‘bp_activity_new_update_content’, ‘bp_activity_at_name_filter’ );
    remove_filter( ‘groups_activity_new_update_content’, ‘bp_activity_at_name_filter’ );
    remove_filter( ‘pre_comment_content’, ‘bp_activity_at_name_filter’ );
    remove_filter( ‘group_forum_topic_text_before_save’, ‘bp_activity_at_name_filter’ );
    remove_filter( ‘group_forum_post_text_before_save’, ‘bp_activity_at_name_filter’ );
    remove_filter( ‘bp_activity_comment_content’, ‘bp_activity_at_name_filter’ );

    // remove @mention email notifications
    remove_action( ‘bp_activity_posted_update’, ‘bp_activity_at_message_notification’, 10, 3 );
    remove_action( ‘bp_groups_posted_update’, ‘groups_at_message_notification’, 10, 4 );

    2) Removing the subnav:

    Add the following to your theme’s functions.php:

    `function ray_remove_mention_nav() {
    global $bp;

    bp_core_remove_subnav_item( $bp->activity->slug, ‘mentions’ );
    add_action( ‘init’, ‘ray_remove_mention_nav’ );`

    Then, copy over /bp-default/activity/index.php to your child theme and remove the hardcoded li#activity-mentions from /activity/index.php.

    Et voila! @mentions- are gone!

    Might turn this into a plugin if requested.

    *Edit: Also need to remove the table row on the “Settings > Notifications” page. This can be done by removing and duplicating the existing bp_activity_screen_notification_settings() function (located in /buddypress/bp-activity.php) hooked to the “bp_notification_settings” action.

    Ade Lack


    I’m also about to go axe @mentions following your advice on how to. A plug in to make this into a simple ‘switch off mentions’ sounds like a great idea :)



    @r-a-y I agree with many, this would be a valuable plugin on many sites I think! +1 for the plugin!

    The member’s “Wall” feature on Facebook is definitely more user-friendly and intuitive. That way, email notifications go to the right member, without an “ @name” being supplied. I don’t know what would have to happen to transition from the ‘whole-site-activity wall ONLY’ concept to having that /PLUS/ ‘members get their own wall too.’ It would be a major step forward for BP.


    Here’s an idea. When viewing a member’s page, instead of having a button that says “mention this user” — have it say instead, “post on /username/’s wall” and then have the same functionality that is applied to the @username mention, happen. Thoughts?

    Two tweaks I would want to see:

    1. When someone is visiting a member’s page then let’s /assume/ the visitor will want to post something that ‘mentions’ that member, and have the resulting posting form already shown!

    2. If the above were implemented, then have the default text that gets placed into the resulting posting form ( @username) to still be there, but even if the user deletes it, send email to the member whose page got posted on.



    Okay, so I’ll probably create a plugin for this in the coming week or two. Please remind me if I don’t get to this!

    @dougjoseph – Your ideas have been discussed before.

    Read this blog post on to post on a user’s profile (mirroring the functionality of

    Using activity as wire in Buddypress 1.2 themes


    Thanks. I had found that same post yesterday and already applied it. Works great!

    I like it because I get the benefit of “post on wall” type usability, and I still get the email notifications, which I think is an important feature. I now simply wish to have “ @username” tagging (mentions) to continue to work as always, yet I want to tweak the look of the site so user’s who don’t want to try to understand it don’t feel like they have to. :-)

    Also, regarding my #2 point above: The user who is doing the posting never has to type an “ @user” and cannot delete it from the posting form, because it gets added behind the scenes after he or she posts. Nice! Like I said, now I just need to tweak the site design to make the “mention this user” button go away, and perhaps rename the “mentions” filter menu choice.

    Joe W


    Hello r-a-y,

    Just another vote that a plugin for this would be fantastic!

    Thank you for the help you have posted on this.



    I agree



    Please, please, please make this plugin. Thank you.


    Can’t wait





    Roger Coathup


    @r-a-y … cheers

    I created a theme that comes with a true Facebook wall. It converts all @mentions into Wall posts that can be replied to and threaded on your profile and is extremely intuitive to use, and it makes use of some of the code in R-a-y’s plugin. You can get it at



    Any tips on how to get this working on 1.5?



    or 1.5.7 ?

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