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menu delay – How to?

  • gobigreenwood


    How can i set a delay before the buddypress default menubar expands to show it’s dropdown items? BuddyPress’ default menus ‘flyout’ or dropdown immediately it seems (on my installation) whenever the mouse pointer is moved across them. I need to configure a delay while the mouse pointer is hovering, or traversing, the buddypress default menus — say about 500 ms or a bit more?

    It’s a bit frustrating having those menus opening time-after-time when i only intended to move my mouse to a location across those menus. Makes me feel like i am on a site with too many popups – ya know? My mouse often causes the menus to ‘open’ when i only intend to move the mouse pointer across the menu item – towards an area above the menubar. Umm, please don’t ask me to change my years of mousing habits ;-) — thanking all the people more talented than me in advance for any ideas, solutions or custom settings parameters i could not find in the docs and forums. BuddyPress – Yea!

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  • Try this:

    After a very small amount of Googling, I couldn’t find any pure CSS methods.

    There can’t be a pure CSS method CSS is a presentational layer and a requirement to alter something like timing belongs to the behavioral layer, browser side that means browser side scripting – WP already carries extensive JS libraries so the approach would be to run up something in jQuery or search the jQuery plugin repository for something suitable.



    oh, you give me way too much credit… that is far beyond my skill-level ;-).
    although, if it is a setting in some php or js file and if i could determine which one without spending hours “exploring” then i may be able to edit the timing…wondering where that timing statement may be; or where it could be/should be inserted…since i cannot find a nice admin-menu-based way to accomplish this so far

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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