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Menu like

  • I’ve installed BP and am happy with nearly everything I’ve found with the exception of one item: Menu building and navigation.

    After an install, I have two menus – one admin bar and one with the following:

    I recognize that these are being installed as components of BP. However, when creating pages I find that the pages are also added. This would be fine except that I would like the pages to be created with the same functionality that I see by default under “community” in relation to the submenu that appears when hovering over it.

    I have yet to figure out how to achieve this with the pages (or ANYTHING else) within what would seem to be a BP menu that I cannot find to edit within the admin panel.
    It would be great if I could achieve this or navigation identical to what is seen here on

    As a reference point, I’ve searched these forums and installed a few different options that all came up short – Add All Nav Links to BP Adminbar in particular.

    Any suggestions?

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