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Menu pages just visible for logged in visitors

  • amtenbrink



    when i integrate buddypress items (such as profile, messages, groups…) in the menu, they are just shown if the visitor is logged in.

    when i integrate a regular page (i created in wordpress) in the menu, it is shown weather the visitor i slogged in or not.

    when i copy the css class of a buddypress menu item (e.g. bp-menu bp-settings-nav) and paste it in the css field of the regular page, this menu item is also just shown to logged in visitors. this is exactly what i need!

    the problem is just, that it kind of confuses the menu. all tems with the same class are spoken at once.

    is it possible to create my own css class of the same kind, that hides the menu items in case the visitor isn’t logged in?!

    thanks a lot!!!

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