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Merging bbPress and BuddyPress profile Edit and Settings pages

  • Azinfiro



    I’m trying to merge the bbPress profile’s Edit page and the BuddyPress profile’s Settings page.

    I don’t understand how HTML forms work with PHP, specifically WordPress and these two plugins, so it would make my day if someone could either explain this to me or point me in the right direction so I can make the forms on these pages work on one page as they do separately.

    If you need me to elaborate on what exactly I’m doing and what’s not working, please ask.

    Btw, please forgive me if you think this belongs on the bbPress forums; I could be ping-ponging between the two forever, so I just picked the BuddyPress forum since BuddyPress seems like the highest layer in the stack.

    Thank you.

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  • Azinfiro


    I guess I might as well add the details now.

    My work so far has involved editing the bbPress and BuddyPress template files. I add the forms from the bbPress Edit page’s template file and paste them in the BuddyPress Settings page’s template file, which I then use.

    My problem is that the data for the users profiles does not appear in the relevant bbPress Edit fields now that the forms reside on the BuddyPress settings page with a different URL.

    I looked up how HTML forms work with PHP and found out that the action attribute in a <form> tag is the URL for the destination of the input, so you might think that changing the URL of the bbPress forms to the BuddyPress Settings page would solve the problem, but it doesn’t.

    Doesn’t the user data need to be sent to and retrieved from the database somehow?


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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