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Meshing Extended Profile Groups with actual Member Groups

  • Gotta say, hello, and many thanks for keeping up a great community and most excellent code!

    Okay, so, I’ve installed WP and BP successfully. I’ve worked with WP for some time now, so I understand about creating templates, mods, plugins, etc. But I’m kind of new to BP. So I came to ask for help…

    I have BP installed with the plugin BuddyPress Registration Groups, which is ideal. Now, in BP, I’ve created a separate group of Extended Profile Fields, as is allowed in BP. It’s a great design for what I need, but I have an issue that perhaps someone else has solved and I have not been able to find (after exhausting search options…).

    So, let me set the scene:

    In my Ext Profile Fields, I have these two groups. The first group of fields is the standard Name, Sex, Location info. And in another group, I have individual information, such as questions I am asking about that person, like hair and eye color.

    What I am trying to accomplish is this:
    A new user comes to the site, goes in to register, and finds these fields. The stuff on the left of the registration page asks for e-mail and username, etc. Under that, I have (modded) the BuddyPress Registration Groups to be a dropdown box of the different groups I have created in WP. Now, when said user selects a specific group, let’s say “Adult Male”, the fields on the right (which starts with the Name, Sex, Location fields) should also “append” the other group below it. It could be AJAX, or it could be a complete page reload, which I agree, might just be aggravating enough for someone that just filled out the other bits of information. So, without saying, AJAX is preferred.

    So, the big question here is, “How do I tie the Member Groups of WP, to the Extended Profile Field Groups of BP?

    Would anyone happen to know of something that currently does this, and only this? Or is there a feature I am missing here that should blatantly stand out and kick me in the head?

    Many thanks to all you kind people for looking this extended post over. I hope I’ve helped to provide enough information.

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  • Actually, I apologize. I implied in the above post that the Member Groups were a part of WP, when in actuality, they are a part of BP. So linking the two should be that much easier! :-)

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