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Message Notification on sending of a message

  • Warwick Booth


    Im having a problem on a site of mine, when ever I compose a message and send it I get the notification in my inbox aswell. I have tested on other buddyrpess installs and it doesn’t work this way. The user I send a message to receives it and the notifications all work perfectly that side.

    How would I trouble shoot this?

    Im currently running these systems
    * WordPress 3.0
    * BuddyPress
    * bbPress v 1.0.2 integrated with WordPress

    These are the Mu Plugins we are currently running. Latest Version all from
    * add-new-users.php
    * recent-posts.php
    * additional_tags.php
    * remove-email-verification.php
    * adwidget-lite.php
    * signup-code.php
    * comment-indexer.php
    * signup-password.php
    * custom-anti-spam signup-tos.php
    * custom_anti_spam.php
    * simple-sitemaps.php
    * global-site-search.php
    * simple-trackback-validation.php
    * global-site-tags.php
    * site-generator-replacement.php
    * google-analytics.php
    * spam-filter.php
    * index.php
    * tag-posts.php
    * post-indexer.php
    * update-notifications.php
    * widget-global-site-tags.php
    * recent-comments.php

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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