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messages not working

  • bebopcool


    sometimes, i have a bug with messages :

    the alert arrive by mail with the message

    there is a notification but nothing in inbox …….

    it is with a trunk aroud 650

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  • ethos


    I have the same bug, with trunk around 723



    anybody having any problems with the 1.0 beta version of bp-messages? i’ve upgraded all plugins and now private messaging doesn’t work anymore. once you hit send, it redirects onto itself and nothing is stored in the “sent messages” area. auto-complete also isn’t showing up, but maybe that’s reserved for a different release.

    You must type the users name, their username will not autocomplete.

    If it does not autocomplete you can’t send the message. It must autocomplete for the message to send.



    Oy, just upgraded to 1.0b1 and still have the same problem with messages not working. Here’s what I did for the upgrade:

    trial 1) overwrote all plugins with the latest releases (combo download), tested site — messaging didn’t work;

    trial 2) deleted all mu-plugins, re-downloaded 1.0b1 (in case the d/l botched the first time), uploaded everything it in their proper locations, tested site — messaging still didn’t work.

    I tested private messaging by doing the following:

    trial 1) My Account >> Messages >> Compose >> write a message >> Send — pressing Send cleared all fields (Send To, Subject, Message);

    trial 2) My Account >> Friends >> My Friends >> click on friend’s profile >> Send Message >> write a message >> Send — pressing Send cleared all fields again;

    trial 3) do the same stuff as trial 2 but with a different friend — still the same problem.

    Here’s the funny part, when I checked off “This is a notice to all users” the Send button did work. One other piece of information that might help troubleshoot this is that I have this text “(Use username – autocomplete coming soon)” next to the Send To label.




    Downloaded another combo version (a later 1.0b1 version than I had before. this new one dates around 12/16) and everything works like a charm.

    If you’re running into similar problems, clear your cache not only before you re-install/update your BP files but also before you download the latest trunk =)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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