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Messages page filter text missing?

  • Charles


    Hi all.

    On the messages page (/members/runningversity/messages/), there is a twisty next to the search box. See pic: (opens in new tab)
    It reorders the messages in some way. Class is “last filter”.
    Should it look like this or not? Or should it have some text in it to explain what it does?
    Any advice much appreciated, plus would love to see what it should look like if anyone has a moment to share a shot of theirs.

    Buddypress 7.3.0 (same issue on 7.1.0)
    WP: 5.6.2 (would rather not update this quite yet even in my staging copy – in the midst of testing a lot of plugin updates)
    All other plugins (apart from security) disabled.
    Astra theme (but same happens in 2020 theme)
    No errors in the inspect console

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