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migrate back to a localhost.localdomain setup

  • Mike Pratt


    I had been experimenting in a hosted/non-local setup for a few weeks when I decided to install my site locally in MAMP to a localhost.localdomain config. I have everything setup and installed but continue to run into difficulty migrating my original database over from to http://localhost.localdomain/buglenotes. Doing a standard export/import in phpMyAdmin works as expected but in many of the db tables are absolute references to urls so, for example, clicking on Members takes me to If I create a db from scratch then it takes me to http://localhost.localdomain/buglenotes/members. Looking in the new db I see that all url’s are localhost.localdomain urls. SO…is this fixable? I’d like to be able to work with some real data locally and eventually take a localhost.localdomain db and move it seamlessly back and forth (allowing me to do scheme mods, etc and push site updates as nec. Thanks for your hep and I am happy to take this off forum (

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  • WPMU has real issue with trying to change data back and forth through the database directly. That is where you will either have to do multiple “search and replace” in the database (scary) or simply just use the standard WP export and import files to move data back and forth (safe). Since there is no “export/import” for buddypress, the only way to do it is search and replace the database files URL. So, there is no easy way to move data around at this point. Maybe a suggestion for future releases since it would be nice for even members to move their data if they change for host to host.

    Mike Pratt


    Trent – great explanation. You at least saved me a bunch of work. As it stands I may just do a minimal transfer to give me a populated data set to work with. To be sure, that seriously limits the mods you can do (eg don’t tweak something that changes the db schema) but it does allow you to play with plugin dev.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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