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Migrating Buddypress Data, best practices?

  • adamt19


    I’m looking for information on the best approach for maintaining Buddypress data, e.g. messages, friendships (follows, via bp-follow, in my case), notifications, etc, during a publish of a development site over to production.

    For example, I could see either of these two processes being fesiblee:

    * only copy wp-content over to staging, production, when updates are limited to theming or simple plugin updates/installs that can be configured quickly on production after copying.

    * copying all buddypress, page, post, user tables from production -> dev while production sits in a maintenance/freeze mode. Then copy DEV in its entirety over staging for QA and then eventually to production

    or – what else have you found is the best process? If you’re moving tables for BP – exactly which set of tables covers all the bases?

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