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Minimize the posts

  • enginlofca


    Hi, i am new at bp. i need a kind of plug in or a setting to make my post much smaller. (Small text size, small picture preview) (Like facebook style) I will click on it to expand.
    Just headers and a few lines of the post will be shown at first then when i click to expand i will see it in original size.

    How can you help me? thanks.

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  • Hi @enginlofca; You can just change the CSS files to alter text sizes, but if you want a theme which provides smaller fonts while still emphasising member posts you’re welcome to a copy of ours. It’s very like Facebook without being a total copy, and is available at


    @enginlofca hi, thanks for your help but i am not capable to to it manually. i am new at i am looking sth like plug in for now. But i ve downloaded it anyway to try later.

    All you do is unzip the theme, then copy it into your /wp-content/themes/ folder and activate it in WordPress. Very easy. You can play with it by editing the files, and activate the default theme if you make a mess.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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