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Mismatch between wp-admin/user-edit & wp-admin/profile setup

  • Chris2012


    I am trying to create a members-only site with WordPress V3.6.1 and although I have made some progress, I have some problems.

    I have 3 plugins installed, and am not sure if they are conflicting, superfluous or complementary. In addition to Buddy Press v1.8.1 and Buddy Press Login Redirect v 2.1, I have WordPress Access Control V3.1.4 activated. I have also tried a number of others which I have de-activated, but am not sure to what extent, if any, some of the data I am seeing is a legacy of those plugins.

    At present I seem to have discrepancies between the user profile as shown on the WP admin dashboard and the members profile on the site, eg the site shows the fields created using the WP Dashboard Users/Profile Fields (which I assume is a BP process); this includes Address and Notes Fields. However the profile accessed through the Dashboard/All Users Edit User does not show these, but does include fields named First Name, Last Name, Nickname(required) & Biographical Info, which I suspect are hangovers from one of the other plugins which I tried. I have added these to the Profile Fields, but the data displayed in two views of the user profile doe not match, so I imagine that the new fields have different names to the originals. In fact having inspected the two pages, I see that what is “last_name” on the dashboard is “field_7” on the User profile setup.

    I imagine that editing the user-edit.php should solve the problem but I am not confident that I could to this and feel that it should not be necessary each time I update the user profile set up, so there must be a simpler solution. Can you please suggest how I get the wp-admin/user-edit form to align with the wp-admin/ profile setup?

    I would also like to provide the option to display a member’s email address on the profile page, but at present the only way I can find of doing that is to create a second email field, but asking members to enter it twice does seem unprofessional.

    I hope that makes senses and that someone will be able to suggest a simple solution.

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