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Missing Profile, Groups, Members Pages

  • philippklaschka


    Hi Team,

    Im running buddypress with a few addons and I think one of them broke it so that the standard pages, which I had modified are now gone and I cannot for the life of me restore them. Even did a backup to localhost, exported them and tried importing them, but they come in empty.

    I am running Buddypress, Buddybuilder (I think this broke the pages as the plugin only half works), Gamipress & Geodirectory & Buddycommerce integration, buddypress featured members.

    Anyway, how do I get those standard pages back? and better, how can I edit them to make them look nicer with elementor?

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  • philippklaschka


    oh wow, looking at the amount of replies on this forum i guess it is not likely help is comming. Anyone know where I can get help with a bigger userbase?



    I haven’t used BuddyBuilder but after looking at their offering I would guess that you are correct that this plugin is the culprit. It looks like they provide some other templating system to replace some of the standard BuddyPress pages and provide an entire authentication process. I think the first course of action should be to work with them to fix the problem. I mean they offer this entire solution so I’m assuming it does work! Also, did you try disabling this plugin?

    Anyway, when I go to Settings>BuddyPress>Pages, I have these 4:
    Activate, Activity, Members, & Register.

    There may be more or less depending on features you’ve enabled. Activate, Activity, and Members are all blank pages, while Register uses the shortcode ‘[bbp-register]‘ (its actually a bbPress page). You should be able to at least create these 3 blank pages and assign them on that settings page.

    Here’s another post about missing pages:

    Moderator shanebp says “BP does not handle a login page.” Here again I have a page with a bbPress shortcode ‘[bbp-login]‘. So basically it looks like login and registration need to be handled by some other plugin or theme.

    There are hooks that can be used to modify these pages, but full control over content and styling would probably require a theme, plugin, or custom page templates. I tried Elementor with BuddyPress but quickly found that Elementor was making the process too complicated. TBH I think Elementor gets in they way more than it helps. I ended up using Blocksy and Stackable.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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