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Mobile Avatar Issues on Mobile When Nesting Replies is Activated

  • jimmyfpaul


    Hi everyone!

    This is my first post here and I want to say thanks in advance for any help provided.

    The issue that I’m currently facing is that when I have nesting replies activated it throws off the avatar functionality in mobile. Please see screenshots below for reference.

    Mobile Issue 1

    Mobile Issue 2

    The website I am working with right now is a staging site, I obviously don’t want to have a live site that has issues such as this. The site URL is The live site is

    WordPress Version: 4.9.4

    bbPress Version 2.5.14

    BuddyPress Version 2.9.3

    If someone can give some advice as to which would be the best way to address this issue (custom CSS, SFTP) that would be a HUGE help.

    Thanks again,

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