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Mobile inquiry – high demand

  • voarsh


    We all know that social networking, blogging, communities are really getting popular and are in high demand. More and more people expect these services to be on mobile.

    @modemlooper has made a BuddyPress Plugin to make BuddyPress mobile friendly.
    He’s also told me he is developing a new Mobile plugin. I was wondering if BuddyPress itself, will be developing a mobile friendly version. There aren’t any online services that can create a mobile view except from DudaMobile, even that, does not work with BuddyPress, only WordPress.
    WPTouch doesn’t work for my BuddyPress, when enabling it, I get a blank screen. Which is a shame.

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  • Tammie Lister


    Buddypress is already mobile friendly as the default theme is responsive. It all depends on what you want – just a theme or extra functionality for mobile? You don’t need a mobile plugin for any WordPress or BuddyPress site to work on mobile. BuddyPress mobile is not just about working on mobile though that’s exploring mobile functionality too.



    You should provide a responsive site when a user visits. This is the simplest thing you can do for your users. BP default has some responsiveness.

    You can use current BP mobile if you want something more dedicated. I am working on a different solution to accessing BP content from mobile devices. It’s taking longer because I am creating a sorta API to access the content so developers can access the content how they want instead of an all or nothing approach. I want cross platform posting and this takes even more time, working out security issues.

    The mobile core/API will be a seperate plugin that is getting open sourced and hopefully in the future could be an official BP component with others working on it. I will create an example “app” to connect to the mobile API. All this takes a lot of time. In about a week there will be a preliminary example app to show what’s going to be possible.



    Hi there

    I’ve found buddypress to not be mobile friendly. i can’t even access profiles, forums, groups or the member directory.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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