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modemlooper-buddypress extended-settings

  • raminjan


    sorry to do this to you budd I wont do it again but please read my gmail titled: raminjan. regards to your plugin because I got a weird error I attached a picture for your what the error exactly looked like but please and please respond I love your plugin and I hate this error. thanks.

    my email

    Moderators: Mr. Paul Gibbs and others. please allow me on this post this time and don’t close it I swear not to do this kind of posting again but I really like modems attention on this issue. it’s good for the community. thanks.

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  • Hugo Ashmore


    Why have you done it a first time then? If you are awaiting a response to a personal email then that is a matter between you and the other party, just because they have a presence here is not reason to be hassling them for a response.

    If the matter is plugin related and the plugin is in the WP repo then you should address the issue to the plugins forum there, if a BP plugin then there will be a plugin group here, so address the issue outlined properly on a thread in that group.

    Either way attempting to prompt a member to respond to an email is not acceptable forum posting – anywhere.

    So yes this thread will be closed. I suggest you ask the question in an open thread that the author or any other member could perhaps help with.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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