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Moderate Everything

  • Norm


    Hi I’m researching using buddy press for a kids site and one of our requirement is to moderate all content submitted. I’m assuming this can be achieved through the usual WP users settings for blog posts and discussion comment settings, however I’m not sure how comments between users and groups works in BP.

    I haven’t found any documentation on this specific issue so I don’t know if I missed it or not.


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  • meg@info


    For buddypress If you are admin of site :
    – you can delete or edit activities from wp-admin,
    – you can remove the comments of members from pages (delete link)

    For groups , you can add moderators to mange the groups.

    for blog, is same with admin or authors role, you can update.



    I’m getting more familiar with how BP work. So here is a more specific way to ask my question. I need to hold all activity feed updates (site wide) until they can be approved by an administrator.

    The 1.6 activity update is awesome for seeing all activity but it needs to be unpublished by default.

    Activity doesn’t have a “pending moderation/approval” concept like comments does. Right now, it’s either published or spam.



    Would there be a way to make all activity spam by default? Would that have repercussions with akismet and blacklisting – if it could even be done simply enough? The ideal would be to send all activity to moderation by default, but this idea might do until a better solution can be found.



    anyone seen any resources/plugins/ code mods to accomplish this? I too am in need of intermediary moderation of activity updates.



    I would certainly like this also.
    It’s good that the Activity Stream can be viewed and edited and deleted from the Admin, but it means that the Activity Stream would have to be more-or-less constantly monitored for inappropriate comments. If we had a moderation function it could be done in batches.
    I realise that it takes away some of the immediacy and instant gratification that un-moderated comments have, but sometimes (as in Norm’s case), you need censorship.



    AGREED! This is really a necessary feature for kid-related sites. COPPA issues and kids site concerns aren’t well addressed.



    I would like to ad my vote for this.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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