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moderation + logins questions please

  • deeCT


    hi there

    please help to answer these questions

    I want to set it so admin or someone has to approve anything that users post on the
    sitewide activity page
    How does admin or anyone we can set moderate what the users post on the “site wide activity” page? ie how do we make this non- automatic and only show once we have approved?

    2) Do you have a screenshot of what the login/ register page in buddypress looks like?
    I cant see this in the features page

    3) How do we set so that only logged in users can see the sitewide activity page?
    so that this page shows a message saying user must login / register first to see the posts?
    ie I want users to register first before they can see the site wide activit ystream
    How would we do this?

    4) Is there a screen in the wordpress backend for the website developer to see all the users registered and delete them or suspend them if they are spam posters for example


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  • valuser


    Check out BP Moderation it may still work – it relies on users to “flag” items and if an item attracts x amount of flags the author and admin are warned and admin has an easy filter to delete the comment. x is set by admin.

    2,3,4 i believe have been answered many times on this forum – google and they should come up.



    There should really be a flag option incorporated in Buddypress! I believe it is vital for a social network to be able to flag inappropriate posts and users.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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