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More post update options like text color, bold, italic, size, etc.

  • daltontastic


    I noticed that you can use certain tags in status updates to make it italic and bold. But I want people to be able to change the color too. Also, maybe add buttons to the status update box to accomplish this since all users don’t understand HTML.

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  • Then you will need to extend the functionality. There are filters on these types of functions and a recent ticket where I pushed through additional attributes to be allowed and discussed adding the style attribute for adding css properties inline, that was agreed a step too far, the status updates coyuld start to look ghastly and issues might arise in activity stream entries if not careful. At the end of the day the status update functions is not intended as a post it’s more a throwaway simple comment

    If you have specific requirements for the status updates fair enough but you’ll need to write that extended functionality or get a developer to.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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