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More Powerful X Profile Fields

  • Warwick Booth


    Many of the sites I build ask for an “Identity Number” as one of the profile fields to enter on registration. Now when viewing the Profile, they dont want this kind of sensitive information to show.

    Request: Having a profile field you can set so it doesnt display when viewing a profile, but will appear if you want to edit it.

    Also: Somtimes there are profile fields that only the Admin user should edit, say “Certifications” on a job listing site.

    Request: Having an option for a profile field that only lets an admin edit it.

    Lastly: Almost all of my sites want the ability to add more fields on the fly. eg I have a set of fields that a user can enter one set of “Work Experience” information. This only handles one set.

    Request: Having an “Add More” button that will be able to add a new set of fields, or a group of fields.

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