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More Userfriendly LogOn Process while Account not activated

  • roman


    it happens quiet often that a new registered BP user does not get the activation email (or does not understand to check emails).
    Not very outstanding until here, but if that user (not yet activated) is trying to login with his username he will always just come back to the blank login screen.
    No additional information, no possibility to click on “forgot password” – just nothing.
    I know that that there are several admin-plugins to activate a pending user account or send the activation email again, but a simple page telling the user that he has to activate his account or to send the activation email again or something really would do it…

    am i a blockhead, or is that a major bug because a social networking in a box is expected as user-friendly while registration and login process? ^^ – just kidding.

    best regards

    # Paul Gibbs said 2 weeks, 5 days ago:
    I agree that if an user tries to log in, who hasn’t activated their account yet, there should be more help in the default theme; there’s nothing stopping you from building this into a custom theme right now.

    Please would you submit this as an enhancement request and we’ll build it into a future version of BuddyPress? Thanks

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