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move bp-nav-menu to another widget?

  • romax100


    Hello, I am trying to take BuddyPress nav menu with all the tabs like activity, profile, friends etc, and display it inside a widget on my right sidebar called theme my login.

    I found a php file of TML widget and inserted <?php bp_nav_menu(); ?> inside the code. It works like a charm, but only when I am in the directory. As soon as I click away to the homepage, or forums page, the menu loses a couple items and all of the links transform to http://activity/ format etc.

    I inspected the element with in browser tools. The menu that is being called when I navigate away from the profile page is the same one, and the only thing that randomly changes is the list of menu items and their links.
    Ii assume that bp-nav-menu is set to display only in the profile page. is that true, and how can I change it?


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