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Moving Comment Box to Top of Comments, Weird Display

  • OpheliaPayne


    I’m using a self-made child theme with the BP-default skin. We’re running the latest WP and BP on a zippy little Apache server, and I’ve hammered out so many bugs in the past three days, I’m drunk with power.

    I’m down to two primary issues before I call this project a success, however, and I’m hoping you fine folks can help.

    1. I want to move the comment box to the top of the comments, we get wordy and it’s a PITA for users to scroll to the bottom of the page to comment. We’ve done this previously by moving above , but the bp-default theme comments.php is structured differently than I’m used to. When I tried to move it, it broke everything.

    2. Some of our Chrome-using members (including me) are seeing a bug on the members and forums pages, where the text area for each is squished (pardon my non-techie descriptions.) to the right, but not all the time and not even on all the members or forum pages. I’m at a loss as to what could even cause such a thing, is there anything I can do?

    Thanks so much! The members are in love with all the new features, and we’re already seeing a big uptick in user engagement, without losing any of our page speed. It’s everything I hoped for and more, once I figured out how all the pieces fit together. Wanna see how pretty it is?

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