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multi-domains plugin conflict?

  • Patricia BT



    I have last versions of all..
    WordPress mutlisite, with buddypress and many other plugins,
    one important plugin for me is WPMUdev’s Multi-domains
    it allow my (future) users to register a subsite to other domains than main.
    the other domains all work and point to the main site

    I could create a subsite with another domain from dashboard, but not from the user front “create” page, even if another domain is shown in the dropdown, the subsite will register under the main domain. This behavious appears only when buddypress is installed.

    I posted support question in the WPMUdev’s forum, and the developer VeBailovity suggested in the meantime to comment out :
    `if ( is_subdomain_install() )
    $domain = $blogname . ‘.’ . preg_replace( ‘|^www.|’, ”, $current_site->domain );`

    lines 556-557 in /wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php

    my questions are :
    – why buddypress needs to force on main domain?
    – if I comment out, it gives another behaviour: it tells me WordPress is already installed and does not complete the subsite creation (no admin user created)

    if necessary and for reference :
    – plugin :
    – in the support topic

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  • Patricia BT


    Hi again

    on the new version, this code is on lines 553-556 of /wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php

    ` // If this is a subdomain install, set up the site inside the root domain.
    if ( is_subdomain_install() )
    $domain = $blogname . ‘.’ . preg_replace( ‘|^www.|’, ”, $current_site->domain );

    questions are still open,

    – why force on the main domain ? (if we want to have it on a synonym domain)

    – is there any side effect if I simply comment out those lines? (the behaviour mentioned above was due to something else, but still want to know if no problem to comment them out)

    thank you very much in advance :)

    Paul Gibbs


    Multi-domain isn’t built into WordPress, so how can BuddyPress know what domains it could use or make available (in a drop down box, for example)?

    Patricia BT


    Hi Paul and thank you very much for your answer

    well, I use then multi-domains plugin from WPMUdev (yes there is a choice given in dropdown), but then I must comment out this in BuddyPress code, in order to get the multi-domains plugin to work.

    the plugin works well without BP, so WP alone allow that, so I am not sure to understand “how can BuddyPress know what domains it could use?” I thought BP would use WP mechanism (on which the plugin act). I’m not at all a coder so that’s why I’m asking :)

    so is there any problem related to that (commenting out) that you could forsee? no problem for me to comment out? (except for the fact I will need to recomment at every upgrade)

    thank you very much




    @Paul Gibbs, that’s a very good point. However, would it be possible to wrap that portion in a hook, or expose the resulting domain in a filter? This way the core could carry on doing its thing, while the plugin could hook up to that and take care of itself.

    Sure. Make a ticket on and we’ll look into it for a future release. If you are able toacreage a patch for this change, it’d get into BP quicker.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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