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Multi language buddypress activity with accessibility

  • antardrishti


    Hi, i develop a website based on buddypress to support blind people. problem is that our majority of user use Hindi language to write post, and default language is set to English, therefore screen reader can’t read the text written in Hindi.

    i created one test page with code

    this is test
    <p>हिंदी में काम करना भी आसान है।</p>
    lets see

    and its work fine with screen reader

    is it possible that in activities page when user submit something in Hindi, submitted form automatically put the text in between

    <p> </p>

    its important! for blind people

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  • Anfisa Kater


    I think it can be done somehow. Sorry, I do not understand this. I only work with python and I know that there is something you can do there.

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