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Multi Network questions…

  • michaeljdornan


    Hi, I have a need to setup a network of wp sites, what I need is a main blog that is a news style theme wordpress blog and a number of child sites that are all buddypress social networks, is this possible with networked wp?


    Main site = (wordpress news theme)
    Child Site = (buddypress theme/network)
    Child Site = (buddypress theme/network)
    Child Site = (buddypress theme/network)

    I have tried to push ahead and test the install on a test site, I followed these steps:

    1. Installed WordPress on main site –
    2. Installed and setup WP Multi Network
    3. Created my child sites –,, etc – all works fine
    4. Installed Buddypress on (network install, couldn’t install on child sites which was expected but a shame)

    At this stage I noticed the had buddy press (I figure I can hide the bits on this site if I don’t want to have social networking on the main site) .. but I also noticed the sub sites have buddypress but just linking back to the mainsite, they are not social networks in there own right, each separate, which is what I need…. so

    5. I installed BP Multi Network – to have separate networks

    This didn’t do what I expected, the sites still all appear to link from the main site, the sub sites do not have pages for:

    I could create these but they will all go back to the main site, they need to be site specific, separate for each site…. which is what I expected BP Multisite to do..?

    Any ideas? thanks

    I can put up with buddypress on the main site, although I hoped not to have so I could have a good newspaper/magazine theme on the main site, but if thats the only way to have all the user databases connected I can hide what I need to.

    Any help please?

    My basic requirement is to have a network of sites using the same user database, someone registers on one they can log into another, subsites are all social networking sites, main site is a news/magazine platform.

    hummm help plz

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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