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Multiple activity streams

  • davewp85


    WordPress 4.9.6
    BuddyPress 3.1.0

    Hi everyone,

    I’m building a site that is divided in four sections and I want each of them to have its own unique activity stream. I’ve searched a lot but haven’t been able to find anything helpful on how to achieve this.

    I tried with WP multisite. Created four subdomains and installed BuddyPress separately on the main site and each subdomain. Registration was done only through the main site and users were added automatically to all sites upon registration. By installing the BP Multi Network plugin and BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG enabled I had what I wanted. Each site had its own activity stream and posts weren’t shared. But there were problems with profiles. If any user navigated to his profile from the home page, the main site, everything was fine. But from any activity page of a subsite, when clicking the Profile link on the menu it took him to my profile instead, the admin. Also, if I clicked on a user’s icon on in a post, it took me to his profile but it appeared empty, with zero friends, messages and notifications, even though there were some. So I had to abandon it.

    Is there some way that I can create multiple activity streams? And if that isn’t possible, any ideas on how I can fix the profiles problem and use the Multisite solution?


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