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Multiple blogs on Buddypress

  • bennettberlin


    Buddypress 1.2, WPMU 2.9.1

    I have my Buddypress blog button in the header area. It is, so far, my only Buddypress blog. I would like to use another Buddypress, or WPMU, blog on my site using another button, say “Intro,” in the header area. This blog would be used for “weekly” updates and as my site’s home page. (In the same manner I could have another button, say Books, which would be a blog about my weekly reading.) This way I could have dynamic content on my site’s home and other pages.

    Is it possible to implement multiple blogs like this? If so, how would I set about doing it?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • r-a-y


    Instead of creating another blog, you could just setup blog categories like “Books” on your BP blog and add a button the the navigation bar with a link to this blog category.

    If you anticipate you’ll need an entire blog dedicated to “Books”, you can do that as well, it will just be a little bit harder to pull in the content on your BP blog.

    It’s totally up to you.



    Thanks r-a-y.

    Today I found the Blog in Blog Wp plugin which does the job quite adequately. It seems to automate your method.

    At the moment I’m the only blogger on my site so I have no problems. I would still be interested to learn how to integrate another WPMU blog on my site as it would mean that I could have other users contribute to the secondary blog, “books”, without exposing my personal blog to these users.

    Andrea Rennick


    I guess I’m confused… if you;re using MU, then just create another blog. Go to the Site Admin -> Blogs menu, and Add A Blog.

    All blog activity will show up in the activity stream automagically.



    Say I have a site with 2 buttons in the header, “Books” and “Blog”. Blog is my normal WPMU blog which displays all post categories, including “Books”. Books should only display blog posts with the category “Books”. The BP activity stream should display all posts.

    The Blog-in-Blog plugin did the trick, but seems incredibly hard to style. I tested a few other similar plugins (some did not seem to work with WPMU) before settling on the “post-page-association-plugin” which works fine. I have it set just to show the first post from the Books category on a custom page.

    However, I would like to learn how to code this myself so that I can add some buttons to the the Books page so that the user can display other single books posts by clicking these buttons. Clicking would replace the current books post with the selected books post.

    Hope this is less confusing!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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