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Multiple installs on sub domains sharing the same password and user groups

  • Anonymous

    Hi all,

    Essentially I am looking at using Buddypress for some niche sites. They would in theory run off of sub domains with the main domain listing the others with nice pictures and info etc.

    My questions are and bear with me:

    Q1) If you install on sub domains can users use the same password to access the other sites if they so wish.

    E.G User one is signed up for a sub domain detailing all things tennis, however they enjoy soccer too, could they then use the same password for the domain housing soccer information?

    Q2) I need the feasability of offering two levels of sign up to my site(s)

    E.G User one gets free access and User 2 pays a subscription to enter the site. So for user one they would sign up for a free account with limited features and user 2 would sign up as a premium user having all the features.

    Sorry if m benign warblings grate on some, but any help as ever is greatly appreciated.

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  • Michael Kuhlmann


    Oh man… that sounds like a mammoth of a project. Here’s the dealbreaker, though — and I speak from personal experience — if you’ve already got something else running in your root directory, it’s not gonna work. And it actually says so in the WPMU readme file…

    “If you want subdomain blogs, you must use the root of your site.”

    Assuming you didn’t have anything installed in your root, I’m pretty sure there’s no plugin/patch job that exists yet to hook up multiple installations of BuddyPress so that a single user could hop around from site to site. I suppose if they registered every time with the same username/password, they could just rely on the “saved password” feature most browsers already have — but that’s probably not what you’re looking for.

    Burt Adsit


    I’m not sure that is what he’s saying Mike. I think he’s just asking if he installs wpmu will all users have access to all subdomains. The answer is yes. Any user registered will have limited access as a ‘subscriber’ to all subdomains you create through wpmu.

    You don’t need multiple installs to get multiple subdomains. Your root install, blog id 1, is the ‘main site’. All other blogs/sites are subdomains in wpmu.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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