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multiple user roles possible? – need help

  • Anonymous


    I’m attempting to use BuddyPress as the basis of a casting service.

    There will be three user types:

    Agents: Users with basic profile info name, email contact info etc.

    Talent: Users with extended profile info, head shot resume, portfiolio etc.

    Admins: Set the content for the home page etc.

    New user default template is the Agent template.

    Only an admin can create the Talent user account.

    Searches only available to logged in users

    Only Talent account users appear in search results

    Agents can see Talent in search become friends with Talent

    Talent can see Talent in search and become friends with talent

    Only Agent can see agent profile page

    There will be no blogs/forums or wire just profile reviewing and messaging between friends.

    Is this setup possible with BP? what modifications/plugins would it require to implement?

    I have developed WP themes and have the theme look and feel designed but beyond that am just getting started.

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